Budding Dorm


Winter 2017
Stanford CEE134B (Instructed by John Barton)
[Stanford Undergraduate Housing Project: reinterpreting Stanford’s iconic courtyard-style living to reorient students to a new focal point for gathering]

Budding Dorm proposes a new on-campus residential complex at Stanford University. Long hallways typical of residential housing are reimagined into centralized communal spaces for students' dynamic social interactions. By integrating a spectrum of public to private programming, the project addresses students’ individual needs for personal space, accessibility to social interactions, and a sense of belonging. This project is an open discourse on the mental health crises on university campuses and advocates the need to rethink living spaces to address this sensitive, evolving, and increasingly pressing issue amongst the youth.

Shared circulation and main common areas converge at the center and outermost private rooms extrude, creating liminal spaces in between for multi-scale social interactions. Budding Dorm's overall form is conceived around a conceptual narrative of offering visibility and voice to each individual that makes up the Stanford community, with the goal of promoting both solidarity and individuality.