My Good Side



21 individuals are guided to interact with my hand to illustrate our relationship. As a response, I develop the portraits using layers of color and patterns to represent my perception of the relationship with each individual. The portraits are then layered amongst photos of my arms spreading from the center. This project is a representation of growth. We grow outwards, as we reach out for human connection.

Perhaps our lifelong searches for the 'Self' simply reside in our understanding of how others reflect, shape, and therefore clarify our own perceptions of ourselves.

Alli Cruz, Alpha Hernandez, Amy Larimer, Ann Tanaka, Ashwin Agarwal, Bryan Ong Wen Xi, China Kantner, Christopher Lopez, Courtney Urbancsik, Jacob Hyunseok Hwang, Joel White, John Barton, Kate Ham, Kevin Chang, Kevin Chappelle, Masha Alekseeva, Nicko Rucker, Nikhil Chaudhuri, Thomas Clavelli, Tim Ngo