Eastie Fish Co-Op

FALL 2023, MIT Core III
In collaboration with Vincent Jackow
[Can we use solar drying to extend the shelf-life of “fresh” fish?]

Eastie Fish CO-OP is a sun-dried seafood production house and a didactic gathering space for locals, educators, researchers, and fishermen in East Boston. In response to the short shelf-life and energy-intense “fresh” fish we consume, this project proposes an alternative seafood preservation method using passive solar drying and natural ventilation.

The four houses - production, education, market, and residency - of varying orientations, truss roof typology, and envelopes are designed to correspond to their seasonal, thermal, and programmatic needs. As the building sits directly on a future flood plane, the design anticipates the disassembly and adaptation of the structure with a concrete grid frame on which light-frame wood trusses are built upon.

Process models (Pantry and Market scale)